March 2020. The Steering Board from the EDITOR project, an international early detection and intervention of blood cancer research, held its third scientific meeting by videoconference.  Clinica Universidad de Navarra (Spain) organised this meeting in which 36 researchers attended. They represented the 13 research institutions from the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain that are part of the project. Also, there were representatives from the financing institutions (CRUK and AECC) and the multiple myeloma patient association. Due to the COVID-19 pandemia the meeting, initially planned to take place in Madrid, was replaced by a virtual meeting with the same agenda.

Dr Jesús San Miguel, Director of Clinical and Translational Medicine at the Universidad de Navarra and the lead investigator, introduced the session remembering the mission of the project and updating the progress achieved during its first year. Among them, he highlighted the design of new tools for cell detection and characterisation, the development of antibodies panels, the establishment of new protocols and the design of improved mouse models. Subsequently, there were sessions dedicated to the advances in each disease. Thus, they were focused on multiple myeloma (MM) or amyloidosis (AL), follicular lymphoma (FL), myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). The last presentation was about the development of computational biology systems for the identification of new therapeutic targets and the design of personalised therapies for the treatment of these haematological malignancies. (Read more)