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EDITOR Kick-off meeting held in CUN Madrid. (Article in Spanish Jan 11th 2019)

The Madrid campus of Clinica unviersidad de Navarra has hosted the kick-off meeting of the international project “Early detection and intervention: Understanding the mechanisms of transformation and hidden resistance of incurable haematological malignancies”, a collaboration of 13 Research Institutions from the UK, Spain and Italy funded through a partnership between Cancer Research UK, Fondazione AIRC and Fundación Científica de [...]

An international research project will study for the first time de early detection and intervention in haematological tumors (Article in Spanish. Sept 26th 2018)

Detectar los tumores hematológicos de forma precoz para tratarlos lo más tempranamente posible y, así, poder lograr su curación es el objetivo principal de una investigación internacional que ha sido seleccionada con carácter prioritario  por un consorcio europeo de asociaciones contra el cáncer. El proyecto ha recibido una de las 6 ayudas “Accelerator Awards”, una convocatoria internacional cuyo objetivo [...]

Accelerator Award to improve early detection and intervention of blood cancers (Oct. 9th 2018)

BCI researchers are lead members of an international team to be funded by an Accelerator Award, which will bring together scientists from the UK, Spain and Italy in a bid to improve early detection and intervention of blood cancers. The award of £4.8M over 5 years, funded through a partnership between Cancer Research UK (CRUK), AIRC and FC AECC, encourages cross-institutional collaboration to unite resources [...]

The EDITOR project Advances in the Time of Coronavirus (March 9th 2020)

March 2020. The Steering Board from the EDITOR project, an international early detection and intervention of blood cancer research, held its third scientific meeting by videoconference.  Clinica Universidad de Navarra (Spain) organised this meeting in which 36 researchers attended. They represented the 13 research institutions from the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain that are part of the project. Also, [...]

Advanced genomics, design of new animal models and patient sample collection: EDITOR project goals during 2019 (December 22th 2020)

December 2019. EDITOR project, focused on improving early detection and intervention of blood cancers, has completed a year with a positive balance in its forecasts. It started in its kick-off meeting held in January 2019 at Clinica Universidad de Navarra headquarters in Madrid (Spain). During this year the 13 institutions -from Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom- that form [...]

Discovery of a “new molecular trait” shared by myeloma patients

(Pamplona, Spain, August 20, 2020) — A joint research by groups of the EDITOR Accelerator Award have discovered a molecular trait that is shared by myeloma patients. Multiple myeloma is a greatly heterogeneous disease, both from biological and clinical perspectives. In spite of this heterogeneity, several groups of the EDITOR accelerator award have discovered a molecular trait that is [...]

Editor project ends the year enhancing its collaborations and promoting young talent

The 2020 has been a year marked by the pandemic. The global health crisis has slowed down, or even paralysed, the scientific activity of biomedical research centres, especially in Europe. In this context, the laboratories involved in the Editor project have continued to work on the knowledge of haematological diseases at the rate that the pandemic has allowed, resuming [...]

New key genes in the evolution of multiple myeloma discovered

Researchers at the Clinica Universidad de Navarra and CIMA Universidad de Navarra are leading an international study which has revealed a novel set of genes specific to multiple myeloma which condition its manifestation and development The research also shows that the expression of these genes allows for better classification of patients with this disease in terms of survival The [...]

Scientific achievements summary

The EDITOR project, a collaboration of 13 research institutions from the UK, Spain and Italy, is entering it´s final year. Thorugh out the four years of this project, there has been bast scientific achievements with one main focuse:  Early detection and intervention: Understanding the mechanisms of transformation and hidden resistance of incurable haematological malignancies. The overall goal of the [...]

Scientists create mouse avatars to treat multiple myeloma

Cima Universidad de Navarra (Spain) researchers lead an international study that has generated preclinical models that mimic the development and evolution of this blood cancer in patients. These models will allow the design of more effective and personalized therapies for multiple myeloma, the second most frequent hematological cancer. Nature Medicine publishes this study that opens a pathway for research [...]

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