Work Packages

The programme of work to be developed at EDITOR has been divided into work packages to help us achieve our aims.

WP1 will focus on the transformation dynamics from normal long-lived into clonal yet benign cells and their later transition into fully lethal cancer cells.

WP2 will study the immune system as a driver of malignant cell transformation.
WP1 & 2 will define precise biomarkers of early transformation and novel targets for pre-emptive treatment.

WP3 will investigate the cellular and molecular nature of MRD clones, aiming to understand and overcome initial tumour resistance.
WP4 will focus on high-throughput MRD monitoring, defining new endpoints for treatment efficacy.
WP3 & 4 will allow the development of biomarkers for precision treatment based on MRD signatures, and will define the prognostic values of MRD response and immune signatures.