Key Goals

We aim to clarify the signals that indicate the transition of normal cells to a pre-malignant state, and full-blown disease. We will also determine the cellular complexity of MRD.

Our key goals are to:

  • Build tools to detect, purify and characterise transformed cells at both pre-malignant and MRD stages.

  • Generate open-source databases including multi-omics characterisation of normal vs tumour vs immune cells from clinically-annotated patient populations.

  • Produce novel bioinformatic tools for integrating multilayer data.

  • Define biomarkers for early intervention in pre-malignant and MRD disease states, as well as novel therapeutic targets.

  • Develop humanised mouse models of pre-malignant to full malignant disease.

These tools and resources will equip the scientific community to advance precision medicine in the three outlined blood cancers.